I use this TextMate plugin called ProjectPlus. It enables me to see the versionsing status of folders and files in my project tree and comes in really handy. Except, I haven't seen any updates in a while and since I'm using Lion, the plugin didn't work any longer which was quite annoying actually.

I went on a Google search and found this Github repository with an update for Lion support.

There are quite a lot of changes compared to the version 1.4 I had before and I must say I'm not that happy with them.
For instance, when you check the preferences of the ProjectPlus-plugin, "use workspace instead of tabs" is enabled by default. I definitely prefer tabs over workspace because of the following adjustment.
The layout for the sidebar has changed. The new design uses a larger line-height for the project tree which means you have to scroll a lot when working with large projects. When taking the new default preference for "use workspace instead of tabs" into account, there's even more scrolling necessary and so you lose your general overview of the directory structure.

Still, it remains a valuable plugin for me and until I find a better one, I'll keep using it.